A drill string bypass circulation system is a reliable tool that helps divert the flow of the drilling fluid from the drill string through side ports into the annulus. Installed in the drill string above the bottom hole assembly (BHA), the system is mostly used to pump aggressive lost circulation materials (LCM) into formation whereby expensive BHA components such as MWD systems and mud motors are saved from any damages through LCM without having to be pulled out from the wellbore.

Next to the lost circulation, further applications of the bypass circulation system include:
- wellbore cleanout
- fluid displacement
- hole enlargement.

- the system is activated and deactivated by using balls (vinil/metal);
- the side ports will close when the pumps are shut down minimizing a U tubing effect or well control issues;
- the system can by cycled numerous times in a single trip (4, 6 or 8 times depending on the model).

- saving time and costs on round trips;
- compatible with inner sizes of various drill string components;
- robust, reliable and easy to use.

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