Hydraulic power-driven casing reamer shoes are used in the bottom of the casing pipe assembly to ream instable obstructed parts of the borehole and if needed to further drill the wellbore while landing the casing. While lowering the casing into the hole, the casing pipes may not be rotated as the rotation of the reaming head of the shoe (shoe bit) is secured by fluid that is pumped through the shoe.
After the casing reached the target depth, it is cemented through the reamer shoe according to the standard procedure. Following this, the reamer shoe can be drilled thru with a standard BHA including a PDC or tricone bit, and the next section of the wellbore can be drilled with the same BHA without tripping it out for changing the bit.

- hydraulic power section that secures the rotation of the shoe reaming head (shoe bit) with a high torque and a relatively low speed
- high quality steel and easy-drillable materials
- a selection of specially designed eccentric and concentric shoe heads (shoe bits) for reaming and drilling applications while casing landing
- a variety of modifications with a wide range of speed, torque and casing pipe diameters including:
     - drillable shoes for casing pipes 20, 18-5/8, 13-3/8, 12-3/4, 10-3/4, 9-5/8, 7 and 6-5/8 inches (508, 473, 339,7, 324, 273, 244,5, 177,8 und 168 mm)
     - non-drillable shoes for liner casing assemblies 6-5/8, 5-3/4, 5, 4-1/2, 4-1/64 and 2-7/8 inches (168, 146, 127, 114,3 102 und 73 mm)
- further modifications of shoes may be available on request and according to individual customer’s specifications.

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